Our Veterinarians

Dr. Soheyl Simaei Noble Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Soheyl Simaei

Head Veterinarian / Surgeon
Founder of Noble Veterinary Clinic

Spoken Languages: English, Persian, Turkish and Azerbaijani

“I am a veterinarian who loves his mission. I believe in kindness, honesty, true care and hardwork, and that’s why I have named our practice Noble Veterinary Clinic.”


Dr. Soheyl Simaei, founder of Noble Veterinary Clinic was born and raised in Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran. Since birth, Soheyl’s passion for raising and caring for animals led to his decision to become a veterinarian at the tender age of 10.

Soheyl attributes who he is today to his love, compassion and care for all animals. “A veterinarian who loves every moment of his job!”

After graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine in Urmia, Soheyl went on to conduct years of volunteer work in many different private veterinary practices - tackling veterinary courses along the way including First Aid, Dermatology, Internal Diseases, Endocrinology , radiography and Dentistry.

It was in 2006 that Soheyl decided to set up his own practice in Dubai, bringing his 14 years of collective veterinary experience to the pet-owners of the UAE.

“Being noble is not easy, but it’s what we aim for. We will not hesitate to do whatever possible to serve and treat our patients. I believe in ultimate care simply because every pet deserves the best in life just like ourselves.”

Dr. Lidija Noble Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Lidija Krvavac

Veterinarian Surgeon / Hospital SUPV

Spoken Languages: English, Italian and Croatian

“I’m great at helping owners who want excellent veterinary care and beautiful relationships with their pets. I believe that fostering close relationships between people and all animals is key in sustaining a happy and healthy life.”

Dr. Ahmed Ghllab Noble Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Ahmed Ghllab

Veterinarian Surgeon

Spoken Languages: English & Arabic

“It is a great pleasure working with Noble Vet & helping animals in extraordinarily wonderful ways. I look forward to the future.”

Dr. Nenad Misura Noble Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Nenad Misura

Veterinarian Surgeon

Spoken Languages: English, Serbian

Dusko Kusljic Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Dusko Kusljic

Veterinarian Surgeon

Spoken Languages: English, Serbian

Jeelan Tomol Noble Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Jeelan Tomol


Spoken Languages: English

Eiman Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Eiman Adam 


Spoken Languages: English

Zeynep Aydan Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Zeynep Tekelioglu 

Junior Veterinarian

Our Administration

Salar Shayanfar Noble Veterinary Clinic

Salar Shayanfar

HR Manager

Kimberley Bellis Noble Veterinary

Kimberley Bellis


Jessan Morales Noble Veterinary

Jessan Morales


Imelda Abique Noble Veterinary Clinic

Imelda Abique


“Working in Noble Vet is a wonderful experience for me. Just by seeing our clients come in with sadness and leave with a smile on their faces gives me all the determination in work I need.”

Claire Uka Noble Veterinary Clinic


Namiko Villarea Veterinary Clinic


Aram Macaranas Noble Veterinary


William Lee Noble Veterinary Clinic


Our Assistants

Abdul Muneer Noble Veterinary Clinic


Assistant / Pet Handler

“I’ve been warmly accepted at Noble Vet. It’s a gift when you find people who will give you the chance to improve yourself even more!”

Asoka Rathnayaka Noble Veterinary Clinic


Assistant / Pet Handler

“I’ve recently joined Noble Vet hoping to add to my years of experience handling animals and offering them the best care I can!”

Edward Cruz Noble Veterinary Clinic


Veterinary Assisstant/Animal Handler

“I spent my childhood around animals. It is my passion working and caring for animals.”

Justine Giudice Noble Veterinary Clinic


Assistant/Pet Handler

“I am grateful to Noble veterinary clinic for allowing me the opportunity to pursue my passion after many years of academic studies.”

Samantha Noble Veterinary Clinic


Pet Groomer/Stylist

“After numerous years in Pet Grooming it still gives me immense pleasure to see the smile of a happy client.”

Rajapaksha Isuru Noble Veterinary Clinic


Pet Groomer/Stylist


Mukesh Kumar Noble Veterinary Clinic


Faisal Noble Veterinary Clinic


Ranjith Kuliyapitiya Noble Veterinary Clinic


Clean & Hygiene



Shunka Noble Veterinary Clinic


Ajith-Pramalal Noble Veterinary Clinic


Noble Veterinary Clinic is a licensed veterinary center, treating all types of pets. Your pet’s health and well-being are very important to us and we take every possible measurements to give your animals the care they deserve.

We help you about pet diseases like Canine Distemper. Vaccicheck is available in our clinic.

Noble Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal hospital and welcomes both emergency treatment cases as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. Our veterinarians have years of experience treating serious conditions and regular pet wellness care. Beyond first-rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting our veterinarians.

We are happy to offer a number of resources that enable you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Please feel free to browse our site, particularly the informational articles. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention, so becoming knowledgeable about preventative pet care is essential to the ongoing success of your animal’s health.

We provide best pet services in Dubai. We offer Cat Vaccination, Dog Vaccination and other Pet Vaccination. NVC has Cat Deworming, Dog Deworming and other Pet Deworming. Cat Dentistry and Dog Dentistry.

We suggest you, Healthy Dog and Cat Food. There are brands such as  HILL’S PET NUTRITION or Royal Canin.

Veterinary clinics in Dubai are such as Noble Veterinary Clinic, Modern Vet (Modernvet), British Veterinary Hospital (britishvethospital), Pet Connection Vet Clinic (petconnection), The City Vet Clinic (thecityvetclinic) and Blue Oasis Veterinary Clinic (blueoasispetcare).